Chalk bluff ranch

600 Acres, Bishop, California

Photo Gallery: In and Around Chalk Bluff Ranch

Photography  © Copyright 2009, 2010 Chalk Bluff Ranch. All Rights Reserved.

Spectacular views are available everywhere from Chalk Bluff Ranch, due to it's prominent and elevated location.

Direct West view Across Chalk Bluff Ranch to Mt. Tom, early March.

View on top of Chalk Bluff looking southeast toward Bishop, Summer.

View from Chalk Bluff Ranch towards the North West to Swall Meadows, in the background. 

View toward the SouthWest from Chalk Bluff Ranch in early March.

View across Chalk Bluff Ranch from the North. 


Northern View in the Morning.

View South Early Morning.

Westerly view across Chalk Bluff Ranch towards Mount Tom, early morning sunrise in March.

South West View Early Morning in March.

View of Neighbor's home, built on the southeast 40 acre parcel which was subdivided from Chalk Bluff Ranch.

Chalk Bluff Ranch looking to the North.

Southwesterly view towards the Sierras from Chalk Bluff, Summer.

K-Mart and Vons are located only a few short miles from Chalk Bluff Ranch, are well and diversely stocked and is where most shopping is done in this portion of the Eastern Sierras, this side of Carson City and the Carson Valley.

Skiing at nearby Mammoth Mountain is often possible through July 4th.

For those individuals with private or chartered aircraft, Bishop Airport is very well maintained providing easy access to Chalk Bluff Ranch and is currently planning expansion.

The Ancient Bristlecone Pines located high in the White Mountains are the oldest living things on earth, and just a few miles as the crow files from Chalk Bluff Ranch.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Moonscape.